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My name is Craig Hockenberry and I wrote the book you’re learning about on this site.

There are plenty of good reasons for you to read iPhone App Development, but since you’re on this page you probably want to know what makes me qualified to write about the topic.

To start with, I’ve been making software for over 30 years and have released many products for both the iPhone and Mac.

I was also one of the early adopters of the iPhone platform: both for web and native applications. At a time when only web applications were available, I was one of the individuals spending time reverse-engineering Apple’s private API. As a result, I learned a lot of low-level details about the system.

Once the official APIs were announced by Apple, I began working on the first release of our Twitterrific product. This work led to us winning one of the first Apple Design Awards for iPhone apps in 2008.

My company, the Iconfactory, has been selling products on the App Store since the first day it was open for business. We currently have five award-winning products on iTunes with many others in development.

Finally, I’ve been writing about software development for many years. As you can tell from the links above, the bulk of my writing about the iPhone has taken place on my personal site, furbo.org. There’s a lot of great information there for aspiring iPhone developers, so check it out!

The Reviews

“Indispensable for anyone who wants to get serious with iPhone development. It covers not just the technology behind the iPhone OS platform, but the daily life of an iPhone developer—something far more difficult to put into words. Craig has been there since day one, and is now sharing some of his best tricks … Beginners will quickly get rolling, and even veterans will learn interesting things from the mind of a proven master.”

Matt Drance

Bookhouse Software

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