The book can read in a variety of electronic forms. Two of the most popular are iBooks and the Kindle.


Many readers ask about the availability of the book on the iPad. That’s not surprising: if you’re interested in the iPhone OS you probably have a bunch of devices sitting on your desk.

O’Reilly’s Ebook bundle includes an edition in the ePub format used by iBooks. Once you’ve purchased this book, it’s a simple matter of dragging and dropping it onto iTunes and then syncing to your iPad. The Ebook bundle also includes a PDF version that you can view on your laptop or print out. You can purchase the Ebook bundle from the O’Reilly catalog.

Once you’ve installed the ePub, you’ll see the book on the iBooks shelf:

(Click on any image to view at full size.)

Source code looks great on the iPad:

As do tables and pictures:

The Ebook editions are DRM-free, so you can view the PDF file in Preview instead of Adobe Reader. It also makes it easy to copy code and other text out of the book.


If you’re using Amazon’s reader, you can buy the Kindle edition directly from their site.

The Reviews

“Indispensable for anyone who wants to get serious with iPhone development. It covers not just the technology behind the iPhone OS platform, but the daily life of an iPhone developer—something far more difficult to put into words. Craig has been there since day one, and is now sharing some of his best tricks … Beginners will quickly get rolling, and even veterans will learn interesting things from the mind of a proven master.”

Matt Drance

Bookhouse Software

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